Family of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This prayer group meets every first Friday of the month to attend Mass and pray the Sacred Heart. The meetings are open to everyone.

Saint-Rita Group

A prayer group that meets every Wednesday, after the 6:30 p.m. mass, to pray to Saint Rita, patron of desperate causes.


Young people from Secondary 2 to 5 meet every other Saturday, to discuss various subjects, and participate in various activities.

Sanabel el Mahabe

Twenty dedicated and committed young people meet every other week at the church, to rebuild the Scout association already formed in their homeland, Syria


These ladies, such as those who served Christ during his lifetime and testified of his resurrection

Melkite Ladies

These parish ladies are intended to bring families together under the roof of the church

Voice of the Word

This prayer group meets to praise the Lord and contemplate him by sharing his Holy Word.

Solemn communion

From the age of eight, the child learns, every Saturday, between October and May, the great stages of Jesus' life and a first approach to Mass.


Meeting group for seniors, every Thursday, to play cards, share and create friendships.


Allows you to discover and deepen the Word of God in order to promote a personal encounter with Jesus Christ


Group of volunteers who lead the Sunday masses, as well as those of the solemn ceremonies

Foyer NDA

This is a support group for couples, to discuss the problems they face and how to deal with their children at home

Club NDA

Club members are waiting for you to spend the evening, around board games, or participating in fun activities. They also offer you delicious meals at unbeatable prices.

Biblical Studies

The sacred books, old and new testaments, are explained, from a spiritual and historical point of view, in order to let us know the divine message, until the arrival of Christ Jesus.

Youth NDA

this group age 17 and over meets twice a month to learn how to keep a place for Christ in their everyday life, while remaining young people of their time.

Focolari Group

This international movement has its branch in our parish. These families meet on the first Friday of the month, and the movement is open to all Christian families.

Notre-Dame Teams

this international movement is well represented in our parish, since we bring together 3 teams. This movement teaches the power of family prayer


Following the training offered by the diocese of Montreal, you will be able to offer this spiritual accompaniment service for the sick and the elderly

Soccer NDA

These athletes stay in shape by playing soccer regularly, according to a schedule that suits their professions. They also train young children.

NDA Scouts

The 252-NDA group has been active for 40 years, with many young people in all branches of scouting.

Painting class

the artists in you, young and adults can develop their talents or learn new drawing techniques, with the help of an art teacher